Why I Joined the Green Party - Members

At election time I usually read through the main party's manifestos, but neither of the two main political parties have ever really connected with me and what I believe in. On one side we have the party of low taxation, supporting achievers and preserving wealth. On the other side we have the party for the working population, supporting welfare and social care. Then the are the smaller parties, one of which is somewhere in-between the main two, and another party whose aims are for us to leave the EU and go back to more traditional values with more promises of wealth and prosperity. I felt that I was choosing between which one was the lesser evil. However, when I read Green Party Policy it opened up a refreshing alternative and I felt connected. Here was a Political Party who had developed extensive policy, which appealed directly to my sense of justice and my sense of responsibility, so without hesitation I joined. Andrew Crawford


I joined the Green Party as they are the only party which believes we should all protect the environment and look after people and their wellbeing rather than bring everything down to money.  We need to encourage the next generation to look ahead and try to ensure our planet remains a pleasant place to live. Judith Loxton


I turned Green because I found myself more and more in agreement with the Green Party's policies.  It is clear what the Greens stand for.  I have always been a Labour supporter and will support Labour when there is no Green candidate to vote for.  I believe that the Greens won't sell out on their policies. They believe in all the things I cherish most with that added element of commitment to protecting our environment. Doddington Member


I and my partner joined the Green Party because the true threat to human and of course animal/plant existence is climate change and the Green Party is the only national party that is brave enough to recognise that and to not bow down to big business and vested interests. There is no economy in the event of almost certain climate change, we need to value and protect our eco system and not apologize for being Green! Big agri business is one of the worst offenders and is paid subsidies for the system to continue! Green Party are working within the EU which is exactly where we should be as a Nation. Liz Wright, Agricultural Journalist.


I agree with the principles. We are only part of this rich earth but must help all we can to look after it and each other in the process. Wisbech Member


After moving up from London in 2002 I went to the polling booth in the 2005 general election only to find no Green Party candidate on the ballot paper. After the election I contacted my local party to find out why, the situation was explained to me and I decided to join and make sure that green candidates would be available for Fenland voters in the future. At a national level, I was frustrated at the lack of choice between the main neoliberalism parties and at a local level disappointed at the lack of democracy and transparency. I feel that Green Party policy offers a genuine progressive alternative to mainstream capitalism, I also respect the fact that the Green Party does not accept corporate donations, it means we can't publicise as much as the other parties at election time but also means our policies and actions are taken in the best interest of the people and planet. Karen, Coates


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