Why you should vote "Green" on Thursday 12th December...

9 December 2019

Ruth Johnson standing as a candidate for the Fenland Green Party
Vote Green to Remain in the EU and secure a People’s vote
  • We are a Remain party.
  • We need a People’s Vote to let voters have the final say on their future.
  • Brexit would mean job losses, the end of freedom of movement and less protections for the environment.
  • Inequality and lack of investment in communities are underlying reasons for people voting to leave the EU
 Vote Green to tackle the climate emergency
  • We are the only political party that is committed to tackling climate chaos as priority number one.
  • We will reduce carbon emissions from the UK to net zero by 2030.
  • We have a Green New Deal that changes the way our economy works, replacing fossil fuels with clean energy and creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. 
 Vote Green to make our society work for everyone  
  •  We will prioritise quality of life and equality in our communities.
  •  We will reinstate funding for local councils so that decisions on spending can be made locally.
  •  We will invest in the NHS.
  •  We will scrap tuition fees for further education.
  •  We will scrap zero hours contracts.
  •  We will build thousands of new energy efficient homes.
Why vote Green instead of another Remain party?
  • We’re different from the Lib Dems because we don’t want to revoke Article 50. We want a People’s Vote so that UK citizens can have their say
  • We’re different from Labour because we’ve been clear from the start on our Remain position and the need to let the people decide on their future in or out of Europe via a People’s Vote.
  •  Labour’s environment package isn’t as bold as our Green New Deal. For instance, they do not include scrapping nuclear energy or dropping fossil fuel subsidies whereas we do.
  •  Labour has backed both HS2 and expansion at Heathrow Airport.
  • The Greens are growing! We went from 3-7 MEPs in the 2019 European elections.
    • We doubled our number of Green councillors in the May 2019 local elections!