Councillor Robert White searches for sites to plant more trees.

6 October 2019

Trees absorb Carbon dioxide and produce oxygen in exchange so are essential to our well-being.
Cambridgeshire is one of the least forested counties in Britain and we need to change this. The combined March Wildlife and Woodland Group are hoping to add to their successes in planting Gault Wood and various smaller areas of trees around the local area. These areas include: beside March bypass, Grandford corner, Chain Bridge, Upwell Road level crossing plus many other smaller plantings.

Are there any landowners reading this who have an area of land that trees can be planted on? Wildflower meadows are also disappearing at a terrifying rate is there any land available to plant wildflowers?

If you have any area of land available for long term commitment to nature please contact Rob White at , 07857683563 or 01354 652827. Better still attend our evening meeting and AGM (see details below).

On Thursday 17 th October, 7.30pm at the Scout Hall in Mill View March (This is just past the exit from Sainsbury’s car park on the left) we will have a presentation about the planting of Gault Wood in a wheat field in 1994 and what it has grown into. The talk will be preceded by our AGM that will be very short and sweet.
Lush woodland with a range of native species.