Fenland Green Party Announce Parliamentary Candidate - Ruth M Johnson

17 September 2019

Ruth M Johnson Parliamentary Candidate

Fenland Green Party are delighted to announce that Ruth M Johnson will be their North East Cambridgeshire Parliamentary candidate to stand in the next General Election. This could be a 'snap election' called at short notice or any General Election called up until 2022.

Over the last few years Ruth has become a bit of a local treasure to the people of March. In 2019, she achieved the respect of her local electorate and was elected to March Town Council. This has allowed her strong green voice to be heard in council chambers.

She is also involved in personal campaigning for plastic reduction, recycling, water refill schemes, walk to school initiatives, community speedwatch, safer roads and cleaner air.

Ruth also has a very strong position supporting a free-to-use NHS available to all, and to keep local hospitals open. She supports equality, social justice and disability rights.

Voting for Ruth Johnson and the Green Party in the next General Election will send a very strong message that the people of North East Cambridgeshire, do care about the environment and that we demand a better future for everyone.