General Elections | North East Cambridgeshire

2019 General Election

Green Party Candidate - Ruth M. Johnson


Stephen Barclay (Conservative) - Votes 38,423 Share 72.6%

Diane Boyd (Labour) - Votes 8,430  Share 15.9%

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Liberal Democrat) - Votes 4,298  Share 8.1%

Ruth Johnson (Green) - Votes 1,813 Share 3.4%

Turnout - 63.28%

2017 General Election

Green Party Candidate - Ruth M. Johnson

After a career in financial services, I am currently retraining in the education sector. As a mother to a young child, I hold dearly the values of the Green Party for our children's future and the well-being of the nation. We must work hard to save the NHS from stealth privatisation and stop local hospitals from closure. We must strive for free education for all, and with Brexit on the horizon, we must ensure that we build a better future where there is cleaner air, safer roads, better health and a tax and welfare system which works for the common good. I believe that only the Green Party can deliver on all of this.


Our Crowdfunder for Election Deposit for the election deposit is now closed.


Stephen Barclay Conservative - Votes 34,340 Share 64.4%

Ken Rustidge Labour - Votes 13,070 Share 24.5%

Darren Fower Liberal Democrat - Votes 2,383 Share 4.5%

Robin Talbot UKIP - Votes 2,174 Share 4.1%

Ruth Johnson Green Party - Votes 1,024 Share 1.9%

Stephen Goldspink English Democrats - Votes 293 Share 0.5%

Turnout 63.1%

2015 General Election

Green Party Candidate - Helen Scott-Daniels


Steve Barclay Conservative - Votes 28,524 Share 55.1%

Andrew Charalambous UKIP - Votes 11,650 Share 22.5%

Ken Rustidge Labour Votes 7,476 Share 14.4%

Lucy Nethsingha Liberal Democrat - Votes 2,314 Share 4.5%

Helen Scott-Daniels Green Party Votes 1,816 Share 3.5%

Turnout 62.66% 


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