Fenland Green Party Councillors

Fenland District Council

Cllr Cllr Simon WilkesSimon Wilkes (March West Ward)

I moved to March 6 years ago as it would enable me to pursue my activities in horse riding and open water swimming in a more rural environment. As a non-driver myself, one of the biggest issues I noticed living here is the lack of public transport infrastructure. This I would like to see improved along with better access and safety for horses and their riders. As someone with a disability, (I am visually impaired) I understand the difficulties disabled people face which could so often could be easily resolved. I would also like to see better accessibility and facilities for all people who are disadvantaged one way or another.

Elm Parish Council

Cllr Victoria Bunting (Elm & Fridaybridge Ward)

Cllr Victoria BuntingI have grown up in the Fenland district and now live in the village of Friday Bridge. I have previously worked in the NHS, community pharmacy and a local community interest company focussing on making health and social care services more accessible to rural areas.

I have an extensive history of voluntary work within the area, including that with our Elm Community Speedwatch, Sue Ryder and I am a trained RSPCA ambassador. I am a member of Friday Bridge’s Tower Hall committee and WI, and organise events to help promote these, as well as other local and national charities.

A member of the Young Greens, I believe strongly in creating a brighter, cleaner, more sustainable future for Fenland, its public services, and generations to come. As we enter a new phase of British history, now is the time for positive change and action, to harness innovative ideas and technology to make a greener future the reality that benefits all.

March Town Council

Cllr Ruth Johnson (March North Ward)

Cllr Ruth JohnsonI live in March and work in the education sector after a previous career in financial services in London. I'm standing as a Green Party candidate as I believe it is time for change. I am currently involved with green issues such as 'walk to school weeks', plastic use reduction and water bottle refill schemes as well as 20mph speed limits for residents in March. I am also passionate about the long term survival of the NHS and keeping healthcare local.

Cllr Robert White (March Central Ward)

Cllr Robert WhiteI was born and raised in March I have lived locally in both March and Manea all my life. My occupation is professional Musician/Private Music Tutor, I am a father of two and am 53 years of Age. I believe (as do many others locally) that care for the global environment is achievable at a local level and simple changes can be made to facilitate this. For example biking or walking to school just as our parents and grand parents did. Shopping could also be done on foot or by bike. We could all save money, conserve fuel and significantly reduce pollution effectively with immediate effect. Like our other local Green Party candidates, I support the concept of a 20mph speed limit and the provision of cycle paths, pedestrian only areas and good public transport. If like me you are appalled by the levels of pollution that we and our children are exposed to locally then vote Green Party on May 2nd help us to make a difference. We are a group of people who genuinely have your interests and those of the community at heart.

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